The Cairn X Admiral Fallow

At The Cairn, we're all about exploring, setting new challenges, and discovering new paths. 

To reflect that ethos, we wanted to challenge ourselves, to break new ground, to work with international artists, and to create a work of meaningful significance for the opening of the distillery.

In Admiral Fallow, Madeleine Roger and Yu Tsan Pin, we found our perfect foil - diverse, passionate artists, with an appetite for discovery - to showcase the inspiration behind The Cairn.

Watch how the artists took inspiration from The Cairn and its surroundings.

Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow are a Scottish musical group formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter Louis Abbott and based in Glasgow. The band have four beautifully diverse albums to their name: Boots Met My Face (2011), Tree Bursts In Snow (2012), Tiny Rewards (2015), and The Idea of You (2021). In their 13 years together, the band have taken their music around the world, touring the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

I've always taken inspiration from the landscape around me. This is a very unique collaboration for us, given that there's a brand new voice coming into the sound of music that we make. - Admiral Fallow

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admiral fallow
madeleine roger

Madeleine Roger

 Madeleine Roger is a contemporary folksinger from Winnipeg, Canada. While skillfully accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, it is her artistry as a songwriter that can silence a room. Madeleine's debut album "Cottonwood" saw her nominated for "Songwriter of the Year" at the Canadian Folk Music Awards (2019) and "Producer of the Year" at the Western Canadian Music Awards (2019).

This opportunity with The Cairn is allowing us to try out something we've never done before. I think that's the whole purpose of songwriting, it's to share an idea, and share a feeling. - Madeleine Roger

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Yu Tsan Pin

 Yu Tsan Pin is a Taiwanese DJ and producer, specialising in lo-fi audio production. He is the founder of the Kind of Blue Records label, and owner of The One and Only Cassette Shop in Taiwan, established in 2016.

Whisky for me is not only whisky. I feel the weather and the view and the people in Scotland. So, to me it's my inspiration. - Yu Tsan Pin

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yu tsan pin

Listen to the artists' finished track, appropriately called 'The Cairn'.

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