9 May, 2023

CRN57° Step One

Step One

By Mhairi Winters, Distillery Manager

Today we are delighted to announce the release of our newest whisky, the CRN57° Step One. This is the first limited edition blended malt whisky in an annual series of releases that will take us towards The Cairn's first single malt.  Our CRN57° range provides a taste of what's to come, by capturing the flavours and aromas that will be present in our single malts, currently being distilled and matured.

As ever, we've taken inspiration from our surroundings when creating this whisky.  The number of bottles released (1,309) matches the height, in metres, of Ben Macdui, the highest mountain in the Cairngorms, celebrating our distillery's special location within the Cairngorm National Park.

CRN57° Step One will be available exclusively at our distillery, and reserved for those who have enjoyed a tour.  Click here to find a description of the experiences that await!  

CRN57° Step One: Tasting Note

On the nose, we are greeted with fragrant treacle toffee aromas along with baked apple and subtle hints of pineapple. Blackcurrant leaves and sultanas give way to mature oak.

On the first sip you'll find smooth flavours of raspberry compote complement Seville orange zest and marzipan. Subtle coffee bean undertones develop alongside demerara sugar and toasted oak.

The finish is full and lingering with light spice and milk chocolate notes.

CRN57° Step One will retail for £49.99.


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